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  • Tuck'N'Teach Tower of Learning
  • Tuck'N'Teach Tower of Learning
  • Tuck'N'Teach Tower of Learning
  • Tuck'N'Teach Tower of Learning
  • Tuck'N'Teach Tower of Learning
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Tuck'N'Teach Tower of Learning

Hi! We are PlayWilder, a small family-run manufacturer of high-quality children's toys in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We're excited to introduce our innovative and space-saving learning tower, The PlayWilder Tuck'n'Teach Tower!

The Tuck'n'Teach Tower is designed to promote exploration, creativity, and independence while providing a safe and sturdy platform for your little ones. Our learning tower brings kids up to counter-height, allowing them to participate in everyday activities like cooking, crafting, and washing hands. Best of all, its slim and foldable design can be tucked away easily in a closet or between kitchen appliances when not in use.

One of the standout features of our Tuck'n'Teach Tower is our patent-pending Anti-Rocking technology. We've added an anti-sway bar at the bottom to prevent tipping, making our learning tower even safer for little ones compared to some of our competitors.


Dimensions + Weight Limits + Quality Assurance:
Our products are rated for use by children up to 225 lbs, so multiple children using the tower will be no issue. Every product is sanded down and finished to be very smooth and safe for all ages. We inspect each and every piece that leaves our shop and have strict guidelines for quality.

All Dimensions Are Listed In LxWxH.

In-Use Dimensions:

Folded Dimensions:
4 X 3 X 37

Platform Height:
18 inches

The slim, foldable design of our Tuck'n'Teach Tower allows it to be tucked away easily in a closet or between kitchen appliances when not in use.


The Wood:
We chose to use the highest grade of Baltic Birch available for purchase. While it was not the most cost-effective solution, it is incredibly strong and completely free of harmful chemicals. Our wood is NAF-certified and CARB P2 Compliant. We do not treat our wood with any chemicals.

If you are planning to KEEP this tower outdoors, or in an environment where a water sealant is necessary, please let us know and we will recommend the best sealers, and provide instructions on how to do it with the least amount of fuss. (Notice the word "KEEP"... if you are using this unit occasionally outside there is no need to seal your unit)

Easy Setup:
The Tuck'n'Teach Tower is very easy to assemble. With a cordless drill, it can be put together in about 10 minutes. Without a cordless drill and only the provided hand tool, it will take about 20. We've designed this product to be the gold standard and not a pain in the neck to use. We've also recorded a set-up video that will be sent to you when your product ships.

Customer Service:
If you have issues assembling your Tuck'n'Teach Tower, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are available from 8am-5pm MT, Monday-Friday, by phone at 719-988-1344 if you have questions now or in the future. You can also message us through Etsy, or our email for immediate service ANY DAY of the week.

**** Please note; If you live in AK, PR, or HI additional shipping and handling fees may apply. PlayWilder will assume responsibility for free shipping up to $65. Anything over $65 will be paid by the customer****

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