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  • PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)
  • PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)
  • PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)
  • PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)
  • PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)
  • PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)
  • PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)
  • PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)
  • PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)
  • PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)
  • PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)
  • PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)
$1,999.00 Regular price $2,499.00

PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1)

Ignite your child's imagination and nurture their physical development with the PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1), a one-of-a-kind indoor playground and therapy device. Crafted in collaboration with pediatric physical therapist KC Rickerd, this innovative structure is designed to seamlessly blend playtime excitement with essential skill-building.  It was also designed in such a way that it can fit through any doorway and be easily installed by two people.

🏰 A World of Adventure: Standing at an impressive 5 feet tall, the PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1) invites young adventurers to explore, climb, slide, and balance to their heart's content. It's not just a playground; it's a universe of boundless exploration and imaginative play.

🪜 Skill-Building Magic: Every interaction with the Clubhouse is a step towards skill development. From navigating the ADA-compliant staircase to mastering balance on the platform, each adventure is a stepping stone for your child's growth.

💡 Key Benefits:

Motor Skills: Fine and gross motor skills flourish through stair climbing and sliding.

Balance and Coordination: Climbing and sliding activities promote balance and coordination.

Strength and Endurance: Muscle strengthening and functional endurance are fostered through engaging play.

Independence: The Clubhouse empowers children to conquer new challenges independently.

Confidence: Successful interactions build self-esteem and a belief in their abilities.

Sensory Integration: Tactile experiences enhance sensory processing and integration.

Cognitive Development: Planning movements and solving challenges become second nature.

Safety Awareness: Children learn to navigate fun environments while understanding safety precautions.

🛡️ Designed for Safety: Safety is paramount. The PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1) is meticulously crafted from premium Baltic birch, ensuring both durability and a smooth finish. Its non-toxic sealant guarantees easy cleaning, making it a worry-free addition to your home or professional space.

🏡 Transform Any Space: Whether in your living room, office, or playroom, the Clubhouse fits seamlessly into any corner. The space beneath the platform provides storage galore, perfect for creating cozy reading nooks or imaginative hideaways.

🌟 Elevate Play and Development: Ready to experience the joy of play and skill-building in perfect harmony? Discover the PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1) and witness the magic unfold as your child's potential shines.

Shipping Details:

We offer two convenient shipping options to ensure you receive your PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1) just the way you prefer.

Setup at Your Pace With a Friend

Designed with ease in mind, the PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1) is a breeze to set up. With its clever design and lightweight components, you can have your Clubhouse ready for playtime in no time. Enlist the help of a friend or family member, and you'll be amazed at how straightforward the assembly process is.


Designed for Easy Setup: The PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1) is designed for hassle-free assembly by two people.

Lightweight Components: Each piece weighs a maximum of 26 lbs, making handling and setup a breeze.

Fits Through Any Doorway: Thanks to its unique design, the PlayWilder Clubhouse (V1) fits through any doorway, ensuring a seamless installation process.

SHIPPING EXCEPTIONS:  If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or APO/AFO your Clubhouse will be subject to additional fees.  We build in an estimated shipping rate of $999 and ask clients to pay $499 of this amount.  If shipping exceeds $999, we may ask you to split the increased difference with us.  Thank you for your understanding.


Size Dimensions: 

Length - 8ft from end of stairs to the corner of the structure.  7ft from the corner of the structure to the end of the slide.  

Height - 5ft

Stair Height - 6”

Stair Depth - 9”


Please be advised: Due to the size of this product, the production and ship times may take longer than normal. If you're needing this by a specific date please let us know so we can help make your deadline!

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