Balance Beams for Kids – And How They Can Help Parents Too

As a parent, you know about balance all too well. Between work, the children’s schedules, and your personal life, it’s hard to even find time to breathe. You might think, “Am I doing this whole parenting thing right?” When things start to feel like too much, you can take a moment of pause to realize that the kids are alright, and with PlayWilder toys, they’re only getting better.

For kids, balance doesn’t come as naturally as it does for us. Luckily, PlayWilder helps children develop, grow, and learn at their own pace – and in their own way. Through crawling, climbing, and balancing, children can now build motor and sensory skills just by participating in playtime! Experience true joy with PlayWilder Toys as your children learn more about themselves and the world around them. 


Toddler Balance Beam - Why Is Balance Important? 


Balance is essential for children’s safety as it sets the scene for how they walk and carry themselves through life. Climbing stairs, walking on different surfaces, and keeping your body centered are all skills closely tied to learning balance in childhood. Even things that feel second nature to us as adults trace back to the balance skills we learned as children! Additionally, if good habits aren’t formed in childhood, it can potentially lead to muscle, joint, and other issues in the future.


How Do Children’s Balance Beams Help? 


Children’s balance beams provide a safe yet exciting environment for them to master their balance. Because balance enlists most of the muscles in our bodies, it can be tricky for those of us just starting out! At the perfect height, children can step out of their comfort zone and begin to shape their ability to balance. Improving balance and coordination helps kids perform other motor and sensory tasks better and aides in their overall development. Children’s balance beams empower your children to walk through every phase of childhood with confidence and poise! 




PlayWilder Balance Beams for Kids 


McKenna Balance Beam – The McKenna Balance Beam is one of our standout products! It comes in a five and eight-foot option and is the perfect developmental toy to improve balance. Called a “savior for sensory skills” by one of our customers, the McKenna Balance Beam is perfect for kickstarting balance development. We recommend this balance beam for kids ages one and up. 


Larkin’s Balance Beam – We also offer Larkin’s Balance Beam, which is approximately 15 ft when fully set up. It is fully adjustable in shape, perfect for letting your child’s imagination run wild! Larkin’s Balance Beam gives your child a taste of what it’s like to forge their own path in life. We recommend this balance beam for kids ages one and up. 


balance beam


Restore balance and feel confident in the toys your children are playing with when you shop PlayWilder. Combining playtime and progress, our toys improve gross and fine motor skills and leave you with one less thing to worry about! Shop our children’s balance beams here.

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