PlayWilder was always in my heart. Having a son made the vision clear.

I don't remember how old I was when my grandpa taught me a little bit about wood working, but I remember the project. We were creating a coffee table for my parents’ den. After putting a coat of clear varnish on the top, I begged him to paint the base Hunter Green because it was (and is) my favorite color. I was hooked on creating.

Fast forward to a random storage unit in Nashville, TN. At age 21, I was cutting out a photo booth with a jigsaw. I didn't know it yet, but I was beginning a 10 year journey that would take me and my photo booths all around the world, providing entertainment for concert-goers at thousands of shows. Entrepreneurship is in my blood, and manufacturing cool products has been a huge piece of my story.

Now, on a daily basis, I help businesses grow through digital marketing, and I love being home with my wife and baby boy. But, about a year after exiting the photo booth business, there began a gnawing at my heart to build another product.

After Sullivan Wilder (my son) was born, the vision for PlayWilder became clear. I wanted to create toys that stimulated his brain and helped him learn skills that plastic, distracting toys would not give him the opportunity to do. I researched the internet for new ideas, learned about childhood brain development, and invested in the tools needed to bring my ideas to life.

I feel as though I spent 10 years preparing for this company with my photo booths, and I'm so excited to offer you these products through PlayWilder. My goal is to provide pieces that have an incredible level of craftsmanship at an affordable price. I hope they bless your family like they have ours.

Thanks again for supporting PlayWilder.