“Out of sight, out of mind” – a mantra commonly adopted by those who would rather not think about the clutter we have oozing out of every room at home. As parents, we do our best to keep things organized and running smoothly, though this feat is easier said than done. While making memories with our children is far more important than containing any kind of mess around the house – it’s a different kind of happiness when you can keep things clean AND fun. 

If your playroom looks more like an advanced edition of Where’s Waldo (trust us, we’ve been there!), PlayWilder has the perfect products for you. Our New Montessori Toy Shelves and Montessori Book Displays are here to save the day. Not only will they keep your children’s playroom looking spick-and-span, but they encourage meaningful playtime to aid in development and invite creative thinking. 


montessori book shelves


Montessori Toy Display 


PlayWilder’s newest collection of products is both fun and functional. Our Montessori Storage Shelves are an aesthetically pleasing and spacious solution for holding and displaying toys. By keeping all of your child’s toys visible on a wooden Montessori shelf, they can pick the toy(s) that inspire them that day. 


Our Montessori Toy Shelves will immediately tidy up any room in the house – playrooms, nurseries, and living rooms alike! They come in multiple sizes so you can choose the perfect shelf for your space and are great in a set or standalone. Our Large Montessori Toy Shelf features more depth than a standard shelf, leaving plenty of space for your kiddos’ favorite toys. The perfect size for growing families, these shelves are ideal for implementing the toy rotation system and will spark imaginative play in all ages. Shop our Montessori Toy Shelves here! 

Montessori Book Display


“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!” – Dr. Seuss

The power of reading – especially for children – is undeniable. Books transport us to places beyond our imaginations, placing us in the shoes of characters we wouldn’t otherwise understand. This opportunity doubles in the mind of a child – with truly limitless imaginations, reading ignites the kind of magic only possible in adolescence. How though, do we spark this desire in our kids? 


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PlayWilder’s Montessori Book Displays are the ultimate accessory for little readers. Designed to fit 20-80 children’s books (depending on which size you choose), Montessori Book Displays show every book cover at once! This grants your child the freedom to choose what kind of story to get lost in during playtime. Using a technique called book rotation, we can introduce our children to different worlds through reading. With the cover facing outward, children assume the independence and autonomy that come with decision-making. 


When our kids get to call the shots, they’re more likely to engage in leisurely reading. Our Montessori Bookshelves are fun to look at and fill up, lending themselves to the power of book rotation. Every now and then, switch up some of the stories on your kids’ shelves so they can continue to choose their favorites! PlayWilder Montessori Book Displays come in multiple sizes and are perfect for large play areas or other rooms. Keep your space clean and functional, even as your child gets lost in the adventure of reading. Montessori Book Displays can also elevate commercial spaces such as preschools, daycares, and doctor’s offices! Shop our Montessori Book Displays here. 

PlayWilder proudly designs and manufactures our products in the USA, using the highest-quality Baltic Birch on the market. We offer a variety of Montessori toys designed for families like yours. Shop our entire collection of Montessori toys here!

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