• Custom Name Puzzles
  • Custom Name Puzzles
  • Custom Name Puzzles
  • Custom Name Puzzles
  • Custom Name Puzzles
  • Custom Name Puzzles
  • Custom Name Puzzles
  • Custom Name Puzzles
  • Custom Name Puzzles
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Custom Name Puzzles

🎉 Elevate Playtime with PlayWilder Custom Kids Name Puzzles - Crafted with Love in the USA! 🌟

***********PLEASE include your element and color palette selection in the NOTES section of the checkout process!!!  If you do not, we will contact you to get this information! Thank you!

🧩 Ignite Their Imagination: Unwrap the magic of personalized play! Our custom name puzzles turn ordinary play into extraordinary adventure, capturing your child's curiosity and sparking creativity.

🌈 Endless Personalization: Choose the magic level:
Name 🌟
Name + 1 Element 🚀
Name + 2 Elements 🎨
UPPER CASE or Title Case letters

Proudly Made in the USA: Quality shines through! Every piece of our puzzles is a testament to American craftsmanship, made with love, precision, and pride.

📏 Tailored Size, Big Fun: At 4 inches tall, each puzzle's width dances to the rhythm of your child's name and element choices. It's a puzzle that's uniquely theirs!

💲 Price with Precision: Your puzzle, your price. Pricing is based on your selections for the following.
Letters in the name (1-12)
Elements of surprise (None, 1, or 2)

🌳 Baltic Birch Brilliance: Not all puzzles are created equal. Our puzzles stand tall in quality, made from premium Baltic birch - a nod to the little hands that hold big dreams.

🤹 Play, Learn, Repeat: More than just fun, our puzzles are secret learning tools! Watch as their fine motor skills, letter recognition, and creativity soar.

🎨 A Splash of Colors: Dive into a spectrum of vibrant colors and delightful elements that tickle the imagination. It's more than a puzzle; it's a masterpiece in the making.

🎁 Gift the Extraordinary: Looking for the ultimate WOW factor? Our custom puzzles are the enchanting gifts that spark joy and make hearts leap.

🌞 Unwrap Wonder: Imagine the grin as they uncover their name, a symphony of colors, and a touch of magic, all in one puzzle.

🚀 Smooth Sailing from Here: From creation to delivery, our process is seamless. Your puzzle, your way, your door.

🌟 Capture the Memories: Picture-perfect moments of discovery and delight. They'll treasure their name puzzle for years to come.

Transform Play. Spark Imagination. Welcome to PlayWilder. 🌠

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