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PlayWilder Climbing Regular Arch/Rocker ONLY

Rock ‘n’ Roll with our PlayWilder Arch!

Your kids will be crawling, climbing, and creatively thinking all day long. Perfect for children ages 6 months to 5 years, this product brings the fun on its own or in tandem with our other PlayWilder pieces. This listing includes the regular arch only, with your choice of ramps.

What’s Included?

  • PlayWilder Arch (1)
  • Optional Ramps (Not included in original price)

Why Choose the PlayWilder Arch?

  • Smooth Craftmanship
  • Creative Design
  • Encourages Creativity and Enhances Playtime
  • Great for Crawling and Climbing!


PlayWilder Arch
Inside diameter: 44 ½”
Height: 18 ¾”
Width: 21 ¼”
Length: 42 ½”
Between dowels: 4 ½”

Ladder/Rock Ramp
40 ½ x 13 x 2.5

All ramps can be flipped over to become slides or smooth surfaces for rolling cars, balls, or anything your child dreams up.

The perfect birthday gift for your little one!

“My daughter loves her arch and Rockwall/slide!!! I’m so happy we got this for her birthday. Can’t wait to add to it!”                                       -Emily H.


Nontoxic Wood
For all products, we make the conscious choice to use the highest-grade Baltic Birch wood on the market. While this is certainly not the most cost-effective material, it is incredibly durable and completely free of harmful chemicals. Our wood is NAF-certified and CARB P2 Compliant, making this a healthy option for your family. Because we love our children as much as you do, this was an easy choice to make.

DISCLAIMER: When Poplar wood (the material of our dowel rods) is in its natural state, it soaks up minerals from the ground and creates a large spectrum of natural coloration in the grain. Varied streaks of coloration may occur in our pieces ranging from blue, green, purple, red, yellow, to dark gray. This does not affect the integrity of the wood in any way and is a common occurrence when working with natural materials. If you’re buying your gym to keep outdoors or in an environment where water sealant is necessary, please reach out to us for guidance on the best sealers. We will give you our expert opinion and provide instructions on how to do it with the least amount of fuss. If you are only planning on using this unit outdoors occasionally, there is no need to seal your unit.

As parents, we know you have more than enough on your plate without spending hours assembling a children’s toy. Luckily, setting up the PlayWilder Arch is a breeze. With a cordless drill, it can be put together in about 10 minutes. We also provide a hand tool that will take you about 20 minutes to use without a drill. You’ll receive a recorded set-up video that will be sent to you when your product ships!

Please visit www.piklertriangle.com/pages/setup-instructions for assembly instructions – no kicking, screaming, or cursing required.

We do our best to ensure a smooth experience from purchase to playroom. If you experience any issues with purchase or assembly, please give our team a call and we will be happy to assist.

Contact Us
Our customer service team offers live help Monday through Saturday (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. MT) at 719-988-1344. We can also be reached at info@piklertriangle.com.

Weight Limits and Quality Assurance
Our Montessori products have a weight capacity of 225 lbs, allowing multiple children to enjoy the gym at once. Every product is sanded and finished to meet a series of stringent regulations, providing a smooth and safe surface for all ages. We inspect each and every piece that leaves our shop to ensure it’s up to PlayWilder’s standards.

Safety Standards
All of our climbing products achieve the standards set and tested by a CPSIA-certified facility. They also go through rigorous stability testing based on the NSAI standard BS EN 71-8 6.2.2. To take it one step further, our products are made of the sturdiest materials and are built to last a lifetime.

We proudly ship to all 48 contiguous U.S. states. Additional rates may apply if you live in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or on a military base. PlayWilder assumes $65 in shipping fees, with any additional fees covered at the customer’s expense. Please reach out to our team directly for a more accurate estimated shipping cost.

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