How to Improve Your Kid’s Motor Skills Over Christmas Break

Plastic Toys Are Becoming Boring to Children



As a parent of young children, you know how quickly they can become bored with their new toys. Each holiday season, a new toy claims the title of “gift of the year” and parents scramble to find it – only for you to look over and see your kids playing with the box it came in. You can probably guess what happens next. Year after year, the most popular Christmas gifts for children end up in a long-forgotten pile of toys in your playroom.
The reason for this toy turnover is that these popular plastic toys aren’t engaging enough for our children. Instead of stimulating the mind and encouraging learning, standard children’s toys are too static to keep kids entertained for more than a few weeks. This year, keep the kids entertained over the holiday break with these fun, festive activities that will improve their motor skills and encourage creative thinking. 


Holiday Activities to Improve Motor Skills



  1. Enlist Your Little Helpers

    Having your little ones help with gift wrapping is a great way to hone motor skills (not to mention, adorable). Children can assist with peeling and placing bows, using kid-friendly scissors, or manning the tape station. This is a family-fun activity and could even start a tradition in your home. Santa’s workshop called – they want their elves back! 

  2. Make Cookies for Santa

    Who knew improving motor skills could be fun? Santa needs his cookies and the kids will love helping in the kitchen. Measuring, pouring, and mixing are just a few of the motor skills that kids can build in the kitchen this holiday season. Check out our Kitchen Learning Tower Helper to make this experience even more fun! 

  3. Snow Much Fun

    If you live in a colder area, be sure to get out in the snow and practice rolling snowballs, building snowmen, and creating beautiful snow angels. Form core memories and improve motor skills in your own winter wonderland. Don’t forget to dress warm! 

  4. Christmas Crafting

    Make customized snowflakes and holiday cards for friends and family or even color some seasonal pages! Homemade ornaments and decorations are also a great way to incorporate holiday fun into improving motor skills.


Christmas Gifts for Children to Improve Motor Skills



  1. Babies 6-12 Months Old

    The PlayWilder Triangle is the perfect Christmas gift for kids 6-12 months old. This is our smallest triangle and is ideal for small babies to help them build their motor skills and coordination. 

  2. Children 12-18 Months Old

    The Opal Gym & McKenna Balance Beam are ideal Christmas gifts for children on the go. The Opal Gym is a three-piece Montessori Arch Climbing Gym designed to enhance play, creativity, balance control, and motor skill development. The McKenna Balance Beam is the perfect toy for your child as they learn to walk (or even if they’re already walking!) 

  3. Kids 18 months-2 Years Old

    The PlayWilder Gym is our largest climbing gym – it’s a five-piece Montessori Gym that includes a large foldable triangle, regular arch, cube, rock ramp, and ladder ramp. 



When you’re ready to come in from the cold, carry on the indoor fun with one of our PlayWilder Climbing Gyms. Our non-toxic wooden toys are the perfect Christmas gifts for toddlers – and ones they won’t get bored of! PlayWilder toys grow with your children, so you don’t need to worry about kids outgrowing them. The majority of our Montessori climbing toys are suitable for children 6 months to 5 years of age and can be modified to expand as your child grows. This year, invest in toys that will outlast the holiday season. 

Shop more Christmas gifts for kids here. Happy Holidays from your PlayWilder family!

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