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At PlayWilder, we believe in embracing innovation and encouraging children to learn and discover for themselves. While we can tell you firsthand the developmental benefits of the pikler triangle, we can’t take credit for this progressive idea. That accolade belongs to Dr. Emmi Pikler

Born in Vienna, Austria, in 1902, Emmi Pikler was a pioneer in child development. She was an internationally respected doctor, author, and child development expert whose teachings and legacy live on today. Emmi was a firm believer that children should be free to learn at their own pace and spent many years researching, studying, and observing to support these beliefs. 

Emmi Pikler surrounded herself with like-minded individuals who helped shape her thinking. Two of Emmi’s professors believed in focusing intently on children as human beings, teaching her that things such as illnesses and the amount of food left on a child’s plate were trivial. Instead, a strong emphasis was placed on creating a relationship with the child. At home, this school of thinking was supplemented by her husband, Grygory Pikler, who was a progressive children’s math teacher. It’s safe to say Emmi’s vision for child development was cemented!

As the Piklers welcomed their daughter, Anna, into the world, they raised her by the same ideals and beliefs they had come to subscribe to over the years. Letting Anna focus on her environment and discover for herself, the Piklers built a relationship of respect and love. In Europe, Emmi’s practice was gaining traction during the 1930s and 40s. Among the impressed was Magda Gerber, who mainstreamed Emmi Pikler’s ideas into the English-speaking world. Together, they started Resources for Infant Education (RIE), to improve the education and development of infants and toddlers. 

Dr. Emmi Pikler found that limited movement equated to limited development for children. Kids with overbearing parents who forced their children to do things were found to be generally less healthy and sustain more injuries, while children who were free to roam and play were found to be healthier. As she continued her work in the 1940s, Emmi became a published author with Peaceful Babies – Contented Mothers. Following WWII, Dr. Pikler opened an orphanage. Over 65 years, this orphanage was home to approximately 2000 babies and acted as the perfect environment to continue observing and collecting data for Emmi. A follow-up study of former orphanage residents showed that most of the children (age 13-22) were well-adapted to society, had no criminal record, and did not show typical behavior of kids who spend their formative years in an institution. 

Emmi Pikler https://pikler.org/about/

Emmi Pikler Triangle 

Though Emmi Pikler is no longer with us, her legacy lives on in a very tangible way. The pikler triangle is the perfect summation of Emmi’s works. Designed for children ages 6 months to 5 years, the Pikler Triangle is an all-in-one sensory toy for children. This toy empowers children to climb, slide, and walk on their own terms. The idea is simple: when they’re ready, they will. If they can’t climb or slide, they won’t. 

So what makes the PlayWilder triangle different? Our modern approach to the pikler triangle is designed with your child in mind. Built with heavy-duty materials made right here in Colorado, we have your family’s best interest at heart. We offer triangles, cubes, arches, slides, rock ramps, ladder ramps, and a variety of balance beams. PlayWilder products will stimulate your child’s brain and help them learn skills in a way that your run-of-the-mill plastic toys just can’t. With sound craftsmanship and a clean, aesthetic look, the PlayWilder triangle stands out. We’d love to play a part in who your child grows up to be. To browse our current product line, click here


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