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  • The PlayWilder Cube
  • The PlayWilder Cube
  • The PlayWilder Cube
  • The PlayWilder Cube
  • The PlayWilder Cube
  • The PlayWilder Cube
  • The PlayWilder Cube
  • The PlayWilder Cube
  • The PlayWilder Cube
$204.00 Regular price

The PlayWilder Cube

As part of our Black Friday initiative, 5% of all sales between 11/27/20 and 11/30/20 will be donated to the Pikler Loczy USA organization, to support their mission and important work.

This listing is for a PlayWilder Cube that includes:
-1 Standard Size PlayWilder Cube
-1 Standard Ramp/Slide

Please note: Ramps are not included in original price.

Ramps are smooth on one side and textured with either rock pieces or ladder pieces on the other side. 

The PlayWilder Cube was designed to enhance play, creativity, balance control, and motor skill development.  The PlayWilder Cube is perfect for children ages 6 months to 3+ years of age.

Dimensions + Weight Limits + Quality Assurance:
Our products are rated for use by children up to 150 lbs, so multiple children climbing on this gym will be no issue.  Every product shipped out of our shop is inspected for awesome quality by our founder.  In fact, he is typically the person who is sanding everything down and packing it to make sure it is perfect and ready to go. 

All Dimensions Are Listed In LxWxH

PlayWilder Cube Dimensions:
19.5 x 19x.5 x 19.5

The Ramp Dimensions (not included unless selected):
42 x 13 x 2.5

The Wood:
We chose to use the highest grade of Baltic Birch available for purchase.  While it was not the most cost effective solution, it is completely free of any chemicals that could hurt your child if they decided to chew on the wood.  We also made the decision to leave the wood untreated so that it is completely smooth and free of anything non-edible.

If you are planning to use this outside, PLEASE let us know and we can recommend some easy-to-apply non-toxic water proof sealers!

Easy Setup:
This PlayWilder Cube is very easy to put together.  With a cordless drill, it can be put together in about 5 minutes.  Without a cordless drill and only the provided hand tool, it will take about 10.  We've designed this product to be the gold standard and not a pain in the neck to use.  We also recorded a set-up video that will be sent to you when your product ships.  

Customer Service:
If you have issues putting your PlayWilder Cube together, please refer to the user manual, the provided videos, or give us call!  Upon purchase, we will provide our support phone number, and will be happy to assist you.


**** Please be advised; If you live in AK or HI additional shipping and handling fees may apply. PlayWilder will assume responsibility of free shipping up to $65. Anything over $65 will be paid by the customer****

Assembly Instructions

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